Secret Chinese Police met their match.

The Chinese people were ruled by one of the worst dictators in history…

Chairman Mao Zedong. He murdered anyone who threatened his sovereign power.

And the Secret Police, then known as “Guandong,” were his main weapon.

Like every dictator, Chairman Mao kept absolute control over the people by keeping them as poor as possible.

Families lived under $0.9 a day, and many were starving to death.

Dare protest, and the Secret Police will descend on you before you know it.

This motivated a humble monk who developed a unique system that he claimed that anyone could use to manifest abundance in their lives.

The Guandong soon noticed that more and more Chinese people stopped depending on the emperor’s providence.

On investigation, they found that they’re being taught by that monk (His name was Li)… and he taught people how to use “cheat codes” to manifest anything they desired, including decent wealth and prosperity.

But Chairman Mao would not have any of that.

On March 31st, the secret police arrested Master Li.

He was brutally tortured and remanded in prison. But, while his followers were sad, he was excited.

He said that he saw it as another opportunity to use numerology to manifest his desire -- an escape.

That would further prove that his methods worked.

But escaping from the Secret Police was impossible. No one ever slipped from their grip.

Master Li’s mysterious escape one month later is still one of the most talked-about stories in China.

It was only 25 years later (after the regime’s fell) that he resurfaced and revealed the facts about his escape.

His story and methods are believed to be the best way to manifest whatever one desires… using numbers.

He left behind his immortal secret formula for generating numbers... "cheat codes"... which enables anyone to manifest their deepest desires in any situation.

We call his legacy the Universal Cheat Code.

Better finances? Almost all Chinese billionaires were Master Li’s students, including Jack Ma and Li Ka Shing.

Better relationships? His students (including those he taught through his Universal Cheat Codes program) report how incredible their love lives have gotten.

Numerology is one of the most ancient ways of manifesting one’s deepest wishes, and there’s no one more experienced than Li.

Quickly learn his techniques when you get a copy of his Universal Cheat Codes program.
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