STAHLWILLE Germany 10/10 Metric Double Open End Wrench Set

Date9/17/2021 2:15:59 PM
PriceUSD 139.99
Here is a new set of 10 STAHLWILLE Thin Double Open End Metric Wrenches. Included is a sturdy black textile tool roll with velcro fastener. With 3 empty slots if you want to add some other small tools. STAHLWILLE is a large company based in Germany with a complete line of fine quality hand tools. Stahlwille is famous for their line of exceptional wrenches. This is the model 10 wrench and you get 10 of them in the following sizes:
6x7mm wrench, 3.7mm thick, 120mm long (4 3/4 inches long)
8x9mm wrench, 4.0mm thick, 140mm long (5 1/2 inches long)
10x11mm wrench, 4.8mm thick, 155mm long (6 inches long)
12x13mm wrench, 5.3mm thick, 170mm long (6 1/2 inches long)
14x15mm wrench, 5.3mm thick, 190mm long (7 1/4 inches long)
16x17mm wrench, 5.8mm thick, 205mm long (8 inches long)
18x19mm wrench, 6.7mm thick, 220mm long (8 1/2 inches long)
20x22mm wrench, 7.3mm thick, 235mm long (9 inches long)
24x27mm wrench, 8.3mm thick, 280mm long (11 inches long)
30x32mm wrench, 9.4mm thick, 300mm long (11 1/2 inches long)
These are the short, thin pattern wrenches that will fit where other ones won't. Stahlwille also calls them "MOTOR" wrenches. These wrenches are Made in Germany with extra strong chrome alloy steel. A fine quality heavy duty wrench set made for the professional.
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