Manufacturer & Importer of Abrasive Product & Tools

Date9/7/2021 2:33:44 PM
We Are a Manufacturer and Trading Company in The Line of Abrasives and Disc and Wheel, Main Products Include Cutting Disc, Grinding Wheel, Flap Disc, Flap Wheel.

Our Company, Established In 2014, Aims to Support Oil & Gas Field, Construction (Fitting and Container Construction, Tool and Mould Construction, Steel Construction, Aviation and Aerospace, Gas Turbine Construction and Repair, Pipeline Construction), Steelworks, Foundries, Shipyard, Machine Engineering and Home Improvements with Providing Qualified Abrasives and Services. Livic Products Are High Quality Wheels Which We Developed for Professional Industrial Usage and Thus

Have a Long Working Life. In Order to Ensure That Our Wheels Are Made in The Highest Quality and

Provide the Most Stable Performance, All of Our Raw Materials Are Sourced from High Quality, Regularly

Controlled Chinese Suppliers Who Have a Long History of Delivering Us Quality Goods. We Continuously

Develop New Products Based on Requests and Feedback from Our Clients.
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