The Sodfather Lawncare and Snow Clearing

Date9/8/2021 1:54:10 PM
Our experts here at The Sodfather share some tips on the following articles to give you an idea about taking care of your grass in your Winnipeg property. We are also sharing frequent tips for maintaining a manageable snow level on your property if ever a snowstorm hits. So stay tuned for our regular updates to keep you updated on how to take care of your landscape.
Winnipeg snow removal is needed for property maintenance in a city with snowfall and temperatures like ours. When snowstorms come to Winnipeg with little notice and high winds can drift snow across driveways and roads in a few hours snow removal is not a necessity but a must. Winnipeg, Manitoba has some of the largest temperature differentials on the planet and snow to match. Keeping your parking lots and driveways clear will reduce the chances of injury and make it easier to access your property.
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