Internet of Thinking: Advancement of SMART Infrastructure

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Date9/10/2021 12:12:26 PM
The internet landscape is expanding. It’s not just about computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones anymore. Now a multitude of devices is internet-connected. The list of “smart” devices includes washing machines, robotic vacuum cleaners, door locks, toys, and toasters.
Although the name “Internet of Things” may be unfamiliar, you may recognize this connected ecosystem better as “smart homes” or “connected homes,” which include the various IoT devices that make your home life easier.
But IoT devices are also found outside the home. They can range from a Wi-Fi pet camera on your bookshelf to a medical device implanted in your body, like a pacemaker. As long as the device can connect to the internet and has sensors that transmit data, it can be considered an IoT device.
Alpha Data is an internet of things companies which provide a real-time solution to business in need of modernization. Such that IoT is a system of Internet-connected devices. These devices are essentially mini-computer processors that use machine learning to act on data collected by sensors. IoT devices can range from smart warehouse vehicles to fitness trackers to cold storage temperature monitors.
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