Complete Sanitary Protection with Wonderize Period Panty

Date9/20/2021 7:14:29 AM
Period Panties are your one-and-done solution to menstrual flow. These are designed in the shape and size of underwear that is intended for you to wear during your periods, postpartum heavy bleeding, or entering menopause. Wonderize Period Panty comes with anti-side leak cuffs that prevent staining in any position. With 4x absorbency, there is no possibility of leakage. Made with extra layers of protection and special fabric in the center for better absorption, period panties are designed to look and feel like regular underwear.

Unlike conventional period days, live your period days like another beautiful day with our specially designed period panty. Our period panties are designed with special absorbent material to absorb even the heaviest flow.

About Wonderize Period Panty:
- Super Absorbent : Four time more absorption than Sanitary Napkins
- Anti-Leak Side Cuffs :Perfect fit cuffs reduce friction and prevent side leakage
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