Radikal Neon

Date9/15/2021 1:21:09 PM
60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 200
Toronto, ON
M6K 1X9

Canada’s Most Reliable Custom Neon Signs
We bring your space to life - whatever it may be - with our eco-friendly, user friendly LED neon.

Whether the job is big or small we get it done, from bedrooms to lounges, to events and weddings, offices, storefronts and beyond we’re here to help!

You can tell us what you’d like, or even have a go at designing your own neon using our Custom Neon Builder - then leave it to us to light it up.

We're very highly rated on Google for a reason, so get in touch and find out why 1000's of clients around Canada chose us.

Neon signs made easier than easy. That's Rad.

9:30 - 5:00

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