Accurate Point Cloud To BIM Services In Pennsylvania

Date9/17/2021 2:56:40 PM
PriceUSD 50.00
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Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is a leading provider of Point Cloud To BIM Services and Point Cloud Modeling Services in Pennsylvania. We analyze millions of data points of the surface and topography of the building to create information-rich 3D BIM models. Point Cloud To BIM Conversion is widely used by MEP and AEC sectors for facility management, renovation-repair, building expansion, and demolition purposes. Our 3D Point Cloud Scanning Services is a great tool to make the 3D model of a real building with As-is conditions or As-Built BIM Model, This helps the constructor to analyze any structural clashes and helps in the streamlined management of the overall project. We use the data from 3D lasers to capture the Point Cloud data then convert the data for use in Point Cloud To BIM Modeling.

Our Exhaustive BIM Solutions:-
• Architectural BIM Services
• Structural BIM Services
• MEP BIM Services
• Point Cloud to BIM Services
• Revit Family Creation Services
• 4D BIM Services
• 5D BIM Services
• COBie BIM Services
• Scan to BIM Services
• BIM Drafting Services

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