How To Use SMSF Audit Software?

Date9/22/2021 3:04:35 PM
Most auditors do not want to be bogged down with marketing their services or spend too much time in invoicing and other administrative tasks of "running a business". SMSF Auditors Hub has a solution for you - through their network, accountants who are auditing in-house or just want a quick, smooth and online SMSF audit without the hassle of dealing with one auditor are keen to use the portal to hand over audits to the auditor's pool. Their solution brings you and the SMSF administrator to the same platform.

They will provide training on how to use SMSF audit software. This is usually done via a webinar. All software and technical SMSF Audit support are available to you for free. If you are auditing for other accountants - you can continue to do so on your account on their platform.
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