Your Dreams are Mine Now

Your dreams are mine now - ahh! A wonderful read. This isn’t just a simple romance novel but it is that kind of book that you want to read again and again. Do you know that once you start reading this book, it would be so difficult for you to close it without finishing it. If you are an avid reader, you are going to love it. This is a fictional story but it has the power to let you live the story, the characters, and the emotions altogether.
Your dreams are mine now is a sweet story of Rupali and Arjun where both have totally opposite nature with each other. Rupali has come from her village to fulfill her dreams and Arjun is a sort of guy who loves politics and has a major role in his college politics. The author Ravinder Singh has done a wonderful work with this love story. If you want to know more about the story or wants to read the review- you can read the book review on
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