This will be the best network mtg business of 2021 & 2022!

Faberlic is launching its first catalog in the USA at the beginning of October! It is offering a one of a kind opportunity in #DirectSales! There are so many reasons to join Faberlic!! And you could be a Faberlic Founding Leader!
- Ranked 31st on the list of the world's direct selling companies
- Founded in 1997
- Company is already established in 44 countries! Open border opportunity to recruit and sell in any of these countries
- 20M+ customers globally - amazing customer loyalty program
- 2.2M partners worldwide - mission is to help everyone be their best
- 10 product categories which include skin care, makeup, wellness, fragrance, dietary supplements, personal care, hair care, oral care, household goods, and housewares. It offers a one stop shop for you and your customers
- European Standards- No toxic chemicals in products
- In-house manufacturing - keeps product cost down
- Amazing compensation plan
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