“Rules Are Meant to be Broken”- But What if You Become a Law

Date9/28/2021 2:46:11 PM
“Rules are meant to be broken”. We have heard this proverb since childhood in TV shows and movies. So we all are used to breaking rules. If you are someone who is cool with breaking rules, then you'll need to change your attitude after stepping into the law field. If you are doing CLAT preparation and crack it to become a lawyer someday, rather than feeling cool, you'll start finding this dialogue a bit sarcastic. As a law professional, you'll realize that it isn't okay to break rules. They are there for a reason. Moreover, there are consequences of breaking the law, whether it is small or big. For detailed information, reach us via mail at support@lawpreptutorial.com or call us on 9414143101.
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