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Date9/24/2021 11:29:18 AM
Cossouq is a sensibly curated online marketplace for unique skincare, personal care, and beauty products from the farthest corners of the world that are not easily available for our Indian tribe within the comfort of their homes. Witnessing the void in Indian’s cosmetic marketplace for superior quality international products and brands, Cossouq was unboxed.

Cossouq is the visionary venture by three young passionate professionals, Parth Patel, Pooja Patel, and Prachin Patel.

We have a basket full of 100+ brands that are international as well as home-grown, and 4000+ products for every skin type, every gender, every color, every age, every mindset. Everything that drops into your cart has been sensibly curated and picked out to provide a satisfactory customer shopping experience. We aim to deliver world-class products and the rarest of finds to our Indian tribe at their fingertips.

Cossouq provides consumers a single platform that offers them their favorite products with sensitive curation, assurance, and service. Our platform caters to all mindsets, genders, races, skin types equally.

We dream of a new age of inclusivity where we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.

Join the Cossouq marketplace to be visionaries for equality.
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