A FREE Platform of Mock Tests & Practice Tests for Exams Pre

A group of enthusiasts who want to change the way the Assessment happens. First time a platform is developed , which will bring Students, Teachers, Parent and Institutes , to conduct tests and assessment with the help of our AI / ML Platform.
Our Vision: At Parikshha, we are all committed to the common cause of making Learning fun and Exams should be a part of Learning. We firmly believe the next generation of Student would like to learn things and experiment with multiple options and go confident to appear for the Examinations.
Our Mission: The value system in India and worldwide is driven by the marks and the percentile that you score in the Exams. It is this nature that drives the Scoring to a factor of Fear. Parikshha sets its goal on removing this mental barrier and fear from the minds of the young by ensuring they master the skill of appearing for exams.

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