Why Coding Should Be A Compulsory Subject For Students

Date9/29/2021 10:54:54 AM
We live in a digital era where computers are everywhere and have become an essential part of our lives. Every student should have access to technology, whether computers, smartphones, or tablets because almost everything we do requires some form of programming. There are many reasons to learn programming, like coding teaches children how to think, computer programming is the future, computer programming gives kids a challenge. It helps children learn to solve problems. If you want your child to do something enjoyable and educational that helps them learn, learning to code is perfect for them. Being one of the top 5 schools in Jodhpur, we have coding as a compulsory subject. We teach coding to students in a fun and exciting way. To get your child enrolled at Vidhyashram International School, call us at 06350289119.
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