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Date10/6/2021 4:29:16 PM
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92 21 3496 699192 21 3496 6991
With the pace of business accelerating, firms in competitive markets need a fast way to obtain actionable insights from their data stores and distribute those insights across the organization. Insight-driven businesses use modern BI reporting and analytics tools to do just this. Today’s newest generation of Reporting Tool and data analytics tools provides companies with an easy, efficient way to empower users across the enterprise with business intelligence in the form of dashboard reports, interactive visualizations, embedded analytics, and more.
The reporting tools can be used by all types of companies. The idea of a Reporting system is to provide information and analysis with the necessary detail for each type of user. With a Reporting Software, Businesses can extract and present data in tables, graphs, charts, and other visualizations so that users can find useful information. They can also create ideal reports to print. A reporting tool is usually an application that is integrated with an ERP business software suite.
So if you are looking for Reporting Tools for organization or Reporting Software for companies then you can end your search as sofcom have one of the best Reporting Tools in the industry.
Sofcom’s reporting software can gather Information from across data sources into a single, easy-to-use platform, allowing all users to access and work with data from a centralized solution. Data collection and analysis are streamlined and automated while reporting can be carried out faster, more accurately, and using a variety of different formats.
Moreover, their advanced reporting and analytics tools allow for ad hoc investigations using rich, interactive visualizations. Business users can load and interact with diverse types of data, build and share visualizations, and create and publish impactful dashboards and reports using drag-and-drop functionality all without the help of IT or data specialists
The latest generation of reporting solutions puts advanced data analytics capabilities in even more hands by leveraging AI that leading to data-driven decision making.
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