Residential Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers

The demand for sewage treatment plant manufacturers is increasing day by day to deal with the problem of wastewater, due to this reason many small scale business people are getting into this field. The business opportunities are also growing in residential STP plant installation & maintenance services.
We are India's leading manufacturer of STP Plants, RCC STP Plant, Sharp Engineering having large experience in the design & manufacturing of Sewage Treatment Plants. We are working in this field for the last 15 years. Our proven reliability, quality, performance is approved by the number of PSU's, Govt Depts., Municipalities & Industries.
Our STP plant is designed and manufactured in a way that eliminates identified harmful pollutants from the wastewater. Our highly efficient STP plant is equipped with an effluent polishing system that gets rid of ammonia, nitrate, phosphates & other contaminants from the purified water.
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