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Date10/2/2021 9:55:14 AM
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92 21 3496 699192 21 3496 6991
People are essential to the success of any business. The performance of employees can be a liability or asset to a company. That’s why managing employees is crucial to business success. Although Employee management is different from performance management as it extends beyond considerations of employees’ work instead it focuses more broadly on employees’ well-being.
While performance management is about the ongoing process of setting and evaluating employee progress against established goals, employee management is about enabling employees to solve problems and engage effectively with other team members. That’s why having a proper employee management system is vital for employee growth.
So what companies need today is to manage employees more effectively. There is a wide range of products such as attendance tracking software, employee scheduling, location tracking, workforce management systems, and biometric time clocks. Paper time cards are now being replaced with modern automatic and easy-to-use digital tools which allow companies to manage and monitor their employees more efficiently.
Moreover, Every HR team has specific employee management goals. Maybe they want to cut employment costs, stop spending so much time on recruitment or find a way to boost employee engagement. That’s why businesses need proper employee management software to reach their objectives that’s why sofcom provides an employee management solution that is designed to better measure, analyze and manage employees’ working hours and deploy human resources more effectively.
Sofcom facilitates business in establishing a rock-solid and compliant base of secure personal records management and processes. They have a fully automated employee time and attendance tracking, complex employee scheduling, and project management, absence management, PTO and sick days tracking, and Job costing per department and task management.
Their software generates productivity reports that are real-time for all the employees. The list of more productive employees is also displayed on the software dashboard. It allows all other members of the team to compete and maintain their position on the list. The software is a perfect platform for the employer and the employee both.
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