What Are SAT Subject Tests (SAT II)?

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Date10/6/2021 5:19:34 AM
I’ve heard something about you. Yes, you. Something about you being an interesting individual. You’re more than the “generic,” stereotypical Indian that most Americans think you are. You’re not just a dark-skinned person (at least darker than most of the pale Americans) who’s good at maths and has a funny accent (yes, Americans think YOU speak weirdly!).
Sure, you might be all these things, but you are more than the sum of these parts. You are probably smart in all sorts of interesting ways. So, how do you show it? Obviously, the application will demonstrate your writing skills and list your hobbies.
But what about academics? The best way to show off is through the SAT Subject Tests, lovingly called the SAT II, though this is no longer their official name. So, what are the SAT Subject Tests? They are a series of 20 exams, each requiring you to complete no more than 95 questions in one hour.
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