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Date10/4/2021 9:58:24 AM
91216 4262691216 42626
91216 4262691216 42626
Slack is a collaboration software developed by American software company Slack Technologies, which is currently owned by Salesforce. The application has been used as one of the communication tools for office, personal, and group chats, office chat app, and other purposes for business communication.
For office requirements slack has integrated with 1000s apps and it is regarded as good as other collaborative platforms. When the existing or new users look for better, there are plenty of platforms competing with slack, some are better than slack their own for users.
New users may ask if is slack free to use? The answer is yes, but the user must know how it is limited for free users.
★ Slack free applications have many limitations when it compares to their own features, the application granting only 10k messages/month.

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