Reasons for a Canadian Visa Rejection

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Date10/6/2021 11:19:53 AM
Reasons for a Canadian Visa Rejection
There are a variety of reasons why a visa application may be denied, depending on the specific requirements of each visa category, but below are some common reasons for Canadian visa rejection.
Proof of Finances: You must prove that you have cash flow to cover your journey and stay in Canada; the amount varies depending on the number of persons travelling with you and the duration of your stay.
Funds Source: The Canadian government looks into how you got the money you’re account. Non-consistent bank account deposits might raise red flags and result in a Canadian visa rejection.
Travel History: Depending on your record, if you have never been outside of your native country, your application will likely be considered weaker than those who have, resulting in a Canada visitor visa rejection.
Lack of job prospects in your home country: If you come from a nation where incomes are much less than that in Canada, the IRCC is likely to doubt that you will
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