MJ’s Smoke Shop

Date10/7/2021 6:07:19 AM
(781) 491-0112(781) 491-0112

MJ’s Smoke Shop was an idea formulated by our owner Michael Medeiros to bring only the best quality and service to our customers. With over 15 years experience using smoking products we have catered all our efforts to bring the best experience to our customers. We do what we can to ensure everyone that comes into our store is comfortable and leaves more knowledgeable about what they purchased and always happy with their final purchase. We have also partnered with other local vendors to create truly unique items at the store including our own brand of juice and disposable tobacco eCig. We also offer unique advantages that most other stores do not incorporate including gift cards, loyalty points programs, and special invitations for after hours events! We look forward to every person that comes into the store and we can’t wait to see you guys here!

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