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CARCTOL & herbs are mixed together in precise proportion to balance & nourish body & strengthen immune system. It also combats side effects of chemotherapy & radiotherapy.
Dr Nandlal Tiwari Pharma company is promoting Carctol capsule among best cancer treatment herbs in jaipur for all types of cancer. It is an alternative to traditional medicines such as anticancer drugs or radiation therapy.
Ayurvedic herbal drug carctol capusle uses are for cancer treatment in jaipur as Anal Cancer, Bladder cancer, Brain tumors, Breast Cancer, Cervix Cancer, Colon Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Blood Cancer, Lung Cancer, Malignant mesothelioma, Ovarian cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, Gall Bladder Cancer, Tonsil cancer, Thyroid cancer, and Throat Cancer.
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