Messaging App for Armed Forces

Date10/9/2021 10:54:47 AM
There is no doubt that communication plays an important role in exchanging information, commands, and another form of knowledge transfer. Every domain needs a medium to convey the information which intends to pass it.
The information sometimes needs to be confidential when it comes from domains such as national security, space agencies, and other important areas. For national security information for reconnaissance and transmission of orders and instruction from commanders to their subordinates, and more. In any domain, there is a need for an integrated communication app to solve the complexity of the communication process.

Troop Messenger
Troop Messenger is a collaborative software developed as a tool for exchange communication in various domains. The company built its application with many advanced features such as world-class security protocols for the protection of data that can be used as a Defense Messaging system.

How is Troop Messenger useful in keeping and commanding information?
All chat data is End-to-End Encrypted
Data ownership. This means the data and files are fully controlled by the department itself, no other can access the application.
The software is designed according to the need of private and own networks
Biometric and Passcode authentication access
Live to track ( it might be more helpful during extreme weather conditions, in sessions, it is tough to trace the soldiers who work in mountains, glaciers, and other sensitive areas).

Air-Gapped networks with a secured offline-based on-premise communication system.
Troop Messenger ensures full-level data security.

Troop Messenger is one of the uniquely designed, which is suitable for military collaborations, communication such as chats, transfer files, group, and one-to-one communication, live location tracking, delete chats, burnout data, forward, Edit the message, respond later, schedule a calendar and more.
with all features and best security standards Troop Messenger can be a great platform for the Armed forces.
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