Parad Shriyantra Small

Date10/11/2021 7:35:46 AM
PriceRs 931.25
Parad is made from liquid mercury. Making it requires many processes and mixing with ancient rare herbs. It is said that Parad combines the power of both male (Shiva) and Female (Shakti).
Parad Shree Yantra is mainly useful to attract peace and a harmonious relationship between husband and wife. It is a boon for childless couples. At SaansMart you get genuine Parad Shree Yantra online.
Parad Shri Yantra Benefits:
It is helpful in many medical alignments.
It helps to remove Vastu defects if any.
It is the sole medicine for acquiring a perfectly healthy physique and extremely long life.
It protects from enemies and removes all fears.
It is best for meditation.
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