90 Pounds Lighter

Date10/13/2021 6:42:04 AM
PriceUSD 9.99
About 12 years ago I achieved a 90pound weight loss target in 13 months. I was heading towards 300 pounds with a size 44 waist (285 exact) slowly but surely as the gradual was deceptive. Today after 12 years I have maintained my weight loss with a waist of 32 and 175 pounds and an avid half marathon runner and motivational coach. In this book I have shared all my challenges, tips and successes to inspire others.

I struggled with high stress, studying and working at the same time go home at 2am after studying in morning back out at 7am, at work, working excessive working hours 12- 15 hours a day in a high demanding job, lack of sleep, poor diet with little green, foods and drinks high in sugar, large uncontrolled portions and a lifestyle with no exercise for years and no motivational to exercise.

I decided enough was enough and that we only lived this life once, so why be fearful? Why be stifled by pride? - What can we take to the grave with us? This pride or fear? So why not be bold,
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