Training & Education For Interior Designers | GAI Solutions

Here at the GAI, we are firm believers that art and creativity are not only forces for personal and academic growth but also for positive community change. We are honored to be one of the best institute for training for interior designers in the nation that is committed to research while serving as a cultural resource for our community. As we strive to better engage our diverse audiences in active dialogues about the education for interior designing, our world-class facilities help us to reimagine and reinterpret interior designing through compelling programs, diverse and interactive exhibitions and extraordinarily talented faculty.

At GA Interior Solutions we don't just teach interior design, we give training to interior designers. We encourage every student to access and nurture their own natural sense of flair and creativity. We also teach the technical and practical skills necessary to translate those design ideas into reality. Our Interior Design training brings you everything you need to achieve the success you want. We are your partner for a better and brighter future.
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