What Should Do For Getting The Funds Audited Quickly?

Date10/22/2021 8:14:36 AM
Once financial statements are prepared and signed by the trustees, they need to be audited before the income tax return can be lodged. Usually billing to trustees happens at the time of signing and lodgement of an income tax return. Here are the steps which you need to take to get the funds audited quickly:

If you are interested in them to audit for you - download their contract and contact Vaibhav on 02 96844199. They offer a free Accounting CRM which can integrate with Your website. Once you are signed up, they will offer you API and you can integrate with the website. Once fund data for any financial year is collected from the trustees online on a platform or uploaded by you on our platform, it stays there for the auditor to access. Once the fund is initiated - the Admin team will invoice you based on the below fee - allocate the fund to one of SMSF Auditors who will audit the fund within 10 days.
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