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(801) 477-4541(801) 477-4541
(801) 477-4541(801) 477-4541
Single Page Application design uses AJAX technology that allows refreshing only a part of the page instead of reloading it entirely. It sends an AJAX request to the server, gets JSON data back from the server, and renders certain parts of the web page directly in the browser.

Make your application behave like a native, desktop application by putting an end to the user experience interruption between successive pages.

Traditional Multi Page Applications (MPAs), due to their heavy data and multiple UI design layers, are low on speed and performance.

With a Single Page Application (SPA), you can create a smooth, native-like experience right within your users' mobile browsers. The web solution renders JavaScript code directly in a browser and includes no page reloads throughout a user’s journey.

It is a game changer for dynamic platforms that require small amounts of data with reduced load time. The single HTML page fits all content within it and delivers dynamic updates and decreases server load significantly.

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