Date10/28/2021 12:09:49 PM
We started our business out of a growing need to make healthcare products more affordable for individuals. Specifically, diabetic testing supplies. There are many people living in the world with Diabetes and NO health insurance. With the rising costs of health care each year, it has become almost impossible to afford diabetic monitoring supplies out of pocket.
We want to purchase as many diabetic test strips as possible, so we can get them into the hands of other diabetics in need of them at affordable pricing. OmniPod pods, OmniPod DASH pods, Dexcom G5 sensors, Dexcom G6 sensors and other. Prices depend on expiration dates. Safe PayPal payments. Quick response!
We are committed to being the best company you can sell your diabetic test strips to, and we offer you the highest pricing, for test strips, with the fastest payment.
Selling your test strips help others who need these items the most. When you want to help make a world of difference,
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