Use Microsoft Teams for Free of Cost

Date10/27/2021 1:26:45 PM
PriceRs 75.00
We all are aware that the working patterns of the office teams around the world have observed a make-shift change, i.e., work from the office to work from home, since the outbreak of the Covid-19. And here is where the collaboration software market has been bombarded with a promising number of tools that help remote workers join in virtual collaboration with tools such as Microsoft Teams, Troop Messenger, Slack, and so on.
As single users or independently working teams look for free software to get their office routines done, "Is Microsoft Teams Free"? is the question that arises for most users across the world.
And the answer is yes! Microsoft Teams offers a free version without the commitment of Office 365. Anyone can start using it with unlimited chat messages, 10 GB file storage, online meetings with a maximum meeting duration of 60 minutes, screen sharing, guest access, and others. Its also a very good alternative to teamviewer free.
The fan base of Microsoft always prefers to use
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