Build a motor that produces free energy on autopilot

Date10/27/2021 6:43:46 PM
PriceUSD 49.00
Build your own electricity generator that captures the Orgone Energy Waves and converts it into electrical energy so that you can get uninterrupted cheap energy all year-long.
Based on the pioneering concept of Orgone Energy, a new electricity generation device has resurfaced called Orgone Energy Motor - the device that will generate free electricity on autopilot wherever you want it to generate.
Orgone Energy Motor - A guide that will bring your electricity bills to two figures
As you read above, the concept of converting Orgone energy into mechanical energy that could rotate motors is not new. It is as old as the Law of Gravity and the Theory of Relativity.

Dr. Reich was a contemporary of the likes of Alber Einstein.
He lived in an era where the laws of science broke and reformed.
His ideas and concepts were conceived when the scientific community was researching renewable and almost non-depleting energy resources.
His beliefs had brought him students from various walks of life and many of them continued his work and added to it. One of them is responsible for securing the blueprints and then making arrangements for their emergence.
The way he put Orgone Energy to use was so effective that his devices were bought in unimaginable numbers across the U.S.
He had become the talk of the press and that was particularly when the FDA came to know about him and his projects.
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