What does Our Full Service Car Wash in Calgary Entail?

Date10/28/2021 12:06:19 PM
A car is your best friend that helps you go anywhere you please, at any time, and the least you can do for it is to keep it clean, inside-out. You wash it yourself every week so that it looks spotless and glowing. But a simple weekly soap wash is not enough when your car paint looks dull, the exterior has minor scratches and the interior has stubborn stains. If that’s the case, you should avail the full service car wash in Calgary.
Calgary Car Detailing is distinguished for offering top-quality full service car wash in Calgary. Our service includes exterior and interior detailing wherein we hand wash and hand dry, vacuum the interior thoroughly, clean the tires and wheels, shampoo the carpets, seats and upholstery steam clean and condition the leather seats, and do a lot more. To book our service, call 403-370-5050.
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