How to use Backsolve Method To Solve Math Questions in SAT a

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Date10/29/2021 6:40:36 AM
We each have our strong areas. Some of us are mathematics experts, choosing to take courses in the maths and sciences in our Plus-2s. However, others find our strength in languages and then see the numbers float off the page and do funny dances around us when faced with maths questions.

The unfortunate truth is this: to master the SAT and ACT, we need to do well on both the maths and the verbal sections. Thus far, I have given many tips to help those people who might stumble with verbal, but I haven't done so with maths.

One of my favorite tricks for dealing with some challenging maths problem-solving questions (i.e., multiple-choice) is to Backsolve (there are multiple names for this technique, but "Backsolve" is the most commonly used).

The concept behind Backsolving is simple: The test wants you to come up with the answer for the questions it gives you, right? But wait! The test also gives you potential answers. So, why come up with the answer yourself? Instead, take a shortcut and use the choices given to you to determine what's right.
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