Remote Hearing Aid Programming Facility

Date10/30/2021 7:11:16 AM
PriceR$ 500.00
Remote Hearing Aid Programming Facilities
Do you wish to get your hearing aid tweaked or adjusted to the best suitability? Are you not free to make an appointment at our clinic? In that case, we can help you, as our remote hearing aid programming facilities are now available for the hearing aid adjustments. It is for the patients; who live far away from the clinics and intend to follow the social distancing.
The only thing that you need to do is turn on your compatible hearing aids and pair them up with a smartphone. We will help you in the process! Once that is done, your remote programming will be accessible. Remote hearing aid programming is based on the concept of teleaudiology, responsible for carrying out audiological services over the internet or phone. Now, you do not need to head to any hearing aid centre for frequent adjustments!
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