Probiotic Manufacturers in India

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Date11/4/2021 3:35:04 PM
Sanzyme Biologics is India’s pioneer Biotechnology company and first probiotic manufacturer. We offer various supplements on probiotics, vitamins, and enzymes.
Sanzyme Biologics is a group company of Sanzyme Private Limited (formerly known as Uni-Sankyo Limited).

Prior to 2001, Sanzyme only produced probiotics and enzymes for its own brands – Sporlac and Sanzyme. After 2005, Sanzyme began work in the ingredients space by developing clinical studies, branding, and regulatory submissions to allow for the sale of its probiotic strains as an ingredient to partner companies.

Today, Sanzyme Biologics works with reputed companies in over 30 countries to meet ingredient requirements in biotech space in the pharmaceutical, food, supplement and animal health segments
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