Best Cancun Rivera Maya Transfers – Cancun Airport Shuttle

Date11/7/2021 6:48:04 PM
Best Cancun Rivera Maya Transfers – Cancun Airport Shuttle Rates

Chichen Itza is located east of the Yucatan state on the road to Cancun at 120 Km. From the city of Merida. Chichen Itza (Boca del Pozo of the Itza) is one of the most controversial parts of the Maya world, its history and its ogy cronolo are debated; the origin of its inhabitants is still a puzzle, archaeologists modify their teoríasa measures excavations continue.

Kukulcan Castle, with its 30 meters high, is the most imposing building. Its antiquity is difficult to calculate dates ranging between 650-800 are estimated d.c. The numbers of its measures are related to the figures of the Mayan solar calendar, for example: 91 steps x 4 sides, 364 plus the platform: 365 days of the year. The five ornaments cana side of the temple give 5 x 4: 20 day Maya month. It is in this building, where the accuracy of deep knowledge of the Maya is plasma, you can see the deity Kukulkan, "The Feathered Serpent" down punctually every equinox, a phenomenon of light and shadow that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.
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