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(801) 477-4541(801) 477-4541
(801) 477-4541(801) 477-4541
Picture a blank canvas that gives you complete control to paint around a subject that your target audience likes most. Custom CMS solutions are just like this canvas, free for you to create hyper-personalized experiences for your customers with 100% control.

With the huge gap between low-end and high-end CMS platforms, the CMS landscape is quite complex today. While open source systems prevail on the low-end, bulky and costly enterprise solutions exist on the high-end. And the middle ground? There’s nothing there. This is where Jellyfish Technologies’ custom CMS service falls.

We design your CMS around your goals and objectives, not around a platform. The platform follows later. Our custom CMS solutions are built around your unique business workflow.

Our custom CMS development process is highly flexible to accommodate personalized business goals and needs. We help businesses design their websites in line with their goals, not just around how a particular off-the-shelf CMS platform works.

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