Instant Messaging App for Political Parties

Date11/9/2021 6:25:30 PM
Social media has become a new platform for collaborations and communication. Social, political, and Governmental organizations are using the applications to reach their goals by adding active members into their political collaboration software. In recent years Instant messaging apps or political party apps have played a key role in elections by managing their party cadre. Cadre and public Management are becoming focusing areas for political parties.

To manage the party cadre and party activists, parties showing interest in building their internal collaboration tools for programs and campaigns.
Here we have a software application that would become the best chatting app for political parties.

Troop Messenger
Troop Messenger is collaboration software that has become the best platform for organizations, parties, business organizations, and institutions.
Troop Messenger has many features that would cater to the functionalities that are required by political parties.
Adding unlimited members in applications, creating unlimited groups in senet, constituency, corporation, and council wise. The application is admin-driven, leaders' at constituency level can manage the programs, seamless communication brings the cadre into active use. Features such as video calling, screen sharing, sharing posts, posters, videos, scheduling online meetings, collecting fund run party meetings help the party to be active in reaching the public.

Troop Messenger can be installed in mobile phones, PCs, and Browsers. It supports all major software such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. The application can be customized and operated in various deployments such as SaaS, On-promise, and other APIs.

Troop Messenger would become the best tool in managing the party and cadre
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