Phone A Mommy

Date11/9/2021 6:16:49 PM
(888) 430-2010(888) 430-2010
Phone A Mommy opened in 2005, and we are known both domestically and internationally as the original age regression infantilism ABDL mommy site. We are a mommy-owned company, and we specialize in a plethora of expertise in the ABDL community. Phone A Mommy is where you come to when you want to role-play sexual fetishes or age regress back to a state of an infant or a toddler.

Our experienced mommies will nourish your diaper fetishism, which is your passion for wearing diapers. We will handle you in a way that only our mommies know how to. ABDLs wear diapers for comfort, age regression, and soil them. Whether you need a mommy to curb your naughty behavior through a series of disciplinary practices such as time-out, spankings, scolding, or orgasm denial, we will satisfy your need. BDSM is also a part of the ABDL community, and we provide dominant mommies - also known as mistresses.

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