Enjoy the Greatest Hits of Swing Jazz Music with Swing Stree

Date11/10/2021 9:18:23 PM
(650) 479-4641(650) 479-4641
Are you an old soul trapped in the modern world? Want to spend all your day listening to the musical hits from the golden jazz period? Well, why not download the Swing Street Radio music app! We are one of the best big band radio stations and bring for our listeners great collection of swing and jazz hits from the big band era of the 1920s and 1930s. From the evergreen songs by Billie Holliday to the classic duets by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, we have it all. Our most-loved radio shows are The Roaring Twenties, The Swing Street Ballroom, Radio Yesteryear, and Rhythm Sweet & Hot. We play uninterrupted swing and jazz hits interspersed with tantalizing tidbits of the behind-the-scenes stories behind making some of the most popular songs. We also accept song requests and dedications to a loved one.
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