Didn’t you applied for a forex trading merchant account yet?

Most forex traders have already applied for it. But if you didn't, it means you are not yet familiar with its features. A forex trader always needs the support of a reliable partner. To be honest, we have been serving the international market for more than 8 years and are quite aware of every situation.

Banks are bound by certain limits and that is why you as a high-risk trader cannot get much from them. The chargebacks and such high involvement in the currency sector are a matter of little concern for the banks.

But now don't worry, because now you are not going to have any such problem. eMerchantPro is offering this Forex Trading Merchant Account. It is the best option for you as per your business type to settle your online transactions.

Forex traders can now accept online transactions by credit cards as well. This merchant account can accept several payment methods. To get early access to this merchant account earlier, contact us via call. Or you can leave a mail at
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