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MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing) Coordination involves thoroughly testing and validating the designs provided by the customer. It is a process of validating the entire structure before constructing it in the actual space. All validation procedures handled by GenInfo Solutions are by our highly skilled team composed of architects and engineers. As part of the MEP Coordination, our experts examine trade-related conflicts, defects in the design, and the whole cost-cutting.

MEP Coordination requires crucial improvements in design, coordination, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and retrofit for new uses.

The procedure of MEP Coordination involves locating components and branches from all systems in compliance with design, construction, and operations criteria. (MEP Design Audit).

Geninfo's MEP Coordination process for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems depends on complex buildings and light industrial projects. We offer improved integration by defining locations for branch components of systems in congested spaces to avoid interferences and comply with diverse design and operations criteria. (MEP Design Drawings)

It is essential that the MEP Modelling and MEP Coordination is done efficiently and ensure that all possible risks and mistakes are eliminated from the root. In the end, there is a low chance of exposing yourself to construction risks. For fewer construction risks, BIM tools are mainly used to guarantee energy savings, massive designs, cost-saving options that are the final benefit of the BIM tools.

Due to limited building space for MEP Coordination and Modelling systems, design and construction are severe & limited resources do not allow detailing MEP Coordination systems by design consultants. Geninfo offers contractors on these projects MEP Modeling by "design-assist" to complete the design for fabrication and installation using the 3D Coordinated Clash Free BIM Models.

Our MEP Coordination Services:-
GenInfo Solutions provides unparalleled and extraordinary MEP BIM Services. From MEP Modelling to MEP Coordination, we help to identify the ideal location for the essential system components in an advanced locality, resulting in the highest quality of an integrated environment.

● Mechanical Design Validation
Based on airflow choosing the size of the Duct.
Calculation of the Heat Load.
Measures to access the needs of Ventilation.
Space needs assessment and arrangement concerning the Mechanical Room.
The decision of selecting the best Mechanical Equipment.
Calculation of Pump Head.
The choice of the best Air Terminal.
Analysis assessing the needs of Chilled Water.
Estimates concerning the Staircase Lift Lobby Pressurization.

● Electrical Design Validation
Calculations of Voltage Change.
DB Schedule Creation.
Lighting Illuminations Assessment.
Calculate at Lux Level.
Tray Size Calculations of cable.
Load Balancing.
Trucking Calculations.
Conduit Size Calculations.
Using the Electrical Single Line Diagram to access the Cross Checking Model.

● Plumbing Design Validation
Calculation of Domestic Hot Water Requirement.
Estimate of the Pump Head.
Calculate the Plumbing DFU.
The measure of Domestic Cold Water.
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