software development services

Date11/25/2021 4:30:38 PM
1) The best software development company in Ukraine for those who are looking for the outsourcing software services.
2) Marka Software Development provides software development and consulting services in a variety of domains, including healthcare, fintech and e-commerce. We can facilitate projects from these industries and deliver high-quality solutions powered by smart technologies.
3) Marka Software Development specializes in software development, UI/UX, QA, DevOps, and enterprise software development. No matter the product, our teams can increase their performance by applying blockchain, ML, AI, and big data or immersive technologies. If you need an innovative high-performing solution, let's connect.
4) Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for decades, we obtained a huge practical experience in creating complex solutions for different industries and managing formal and agile development processes. We’re proud of every developed product and ready to help you get a solution that best suits your needs and expectations.
5) The development and support of ERP/CRM/HR management systems take a special place in the history of our company. We have been working on such systems creation for almost 20 years. In our portfolio you can find an enterprise-level ERP solution containing lots of functional modules.
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