Christmas Sparkles

Date11/25/2021 5:05:32 PM
PriceUSD 6.12
Book Description:
Father Christmas and his elves up in the North Pole, ask for the Christmas wish fairies help that live on a cloud in the sky, because they were too busy to solve the situation themselves, with a panic, realising that there were too many people on the naughty list.
The Christmas wish fairies that live in the fairy-tale cottage in the sky, help a young family to have a magical sparkly Christmas, with them taking the family on many unpredictable adventures, with them travelling as sparkles through the air to different magical lands, with many twists and turns along the way, using their red ruby as a tool around their neck, with them having a glimpse of their future lives.
Do the clouds in the sky have writing in them, to send a message down to earth?
The Glittery sparkles garden centre has got a magical room, with unpredictable, magical things happening inside, with sparkles flying from many different unpredictable places that you would never imagine that they would come
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