Sunesta Retractable Screens Montgomery County PA

Retractable Screens allow you to tailor your outdoor living area to your preferences, whether you have an open-air patio or a closed-in sunroom. Built for comfort and durability, Sunesta screens can be used in any climate or weather condition. Change Your Exterior with Retractable Walls!

The Sentry allows you to easily raise or lower your screen for shade or protection from the weather. With a high-quality fabric and motorized control, the Sentry’s dependability lets you create your own personal oasis that can easily be heated or cooled.

The Sentry™ can be customized to fit your unique space with widths up to 26 feet and heights up to 16 feet. The Sentry™ is one system that has many uses. Choosing the fabric for your Sentry screen will allow you to customize your protection.

Choose bug screen for insect protection, solar mesh for sun protection, opaque fabrics for privacy or room brightness control, or clear vinyl windows for rain and cold protection without losing your view.

The Sentry™ has an exclusive fabric retention system that ensures your retractable screen will operate in any weather condition, as well as blocking the wind, and keeping unwanted pests out.
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