Kalaripayattu stalwarts KOTTAKAL KANARAN

Date11/18/2021 2:29:18 PM

An age old master of Kalari whose efforts to keep this combat culture alive in the times of British suppression must not be forgotten.
In the times of social discrimination! When only people of higher castes and Kshatriyas were allowed to practise Kalari;Kanaran gurukkal although coming from a lower caste learnt the art by watching it from a distance and practicing on his own.He traveled around to many places and to many gurus compiling different techniques.It is said that he was a well versed wrestler too who sold his land to finance his wanderings to learn kalari.
Kanaran Gurukkal is the guru of Veerashri. CV Narayanan Nair another legend of Kalaripayattu.
He should always be remembered as one of the most important souls in the 19th century to promote and propogate Kalaripayattu
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