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Date11/23/2021 12:45:36 PM
(0253) 2381 429(0253) 2381 429
(0253) 2381 429(0253) 2381 429
Epoxy primers provide excellent metal adhesion and also serve as a suitable base for additional undercoat and topcoat products and it's commonly used in metal containers and containers, especially for acidic substances such as tomatoes. It is applied directly to the concrete so that the heavy material on the surface will not be affected and it will last a long time. We are Zigma Paints Pvt. Ltd., we promise to give you an epoxy primer solution to keep your walls, and floors safe, and clean for many days.

It provides warehouses, water treatment facilities, shopping malls, marine applications, theatres, etc. to keep staff, inventory and equipment safe. Due to its unique properties, it is rust-resistant, resistant to chemicals and easy to clean.

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