Water Jet Ejector Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Date11/24/2021 4:58:59 PM
Crystal TCS Pvt. Ltd. is the leading water jet ejector and manufacturing company in India. This ejector uses water instead of steam. Water ejectors are vacuum pumps, which are driven by high pressure water (or similar medium) or steam. They use the kinetic energy of the driving medium to absorb gases, vapors or other liquids and then release the resulting mixture under counter pressure.
The induced fluid is injected and the condensate is condensed and the condensed gas is then compressed into a diffuser and released at a constant level against the air pressure in the marine tank of water and depends on the maximum absolute pressure obtained by this type of injector. Water temperature or inductive liquid. Normally, the absolute pressure at shutdown is equal to the vapor pressure of the operating fluid at operating temperature.
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