Sound Around

Date12/5/2021 1:16:36 PM
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Sound Around is an Auckland-based company that has been operating since 1994.
At Sound Around, they live and breathe sound. From high-quality speakers, amps, car unit heads, down to bass packages, and subwoofers, Sound Around has a wide range of car audio products that help clients maximise their systems, producing the best quality sound for their cars.
Aside from car audio and navigation products, Sound Around also has a range of car security products, including vehicle alarms alarm remotes, GPS trackers, and alarm accessories. They are also experts in car window tinting in Auckland. Their tinter is an experienced applicator with over 25 years’ worth of experience in the industry, providing the professional finish your vehicle deserves.
To learn more about Sound Around’s range of products and services or to book a vehicle tint service, visit their website.
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